At Abandon Ship we Make Shit We Love but there is so much more to our brand and ethos. Check out our 10 Commandments that we live by as a brand and as people.


 We make shit we love – Everything we create comes from a place of love, it is either made because we want it or because we want to make it and think “fuck that’ll be cool!”

And we have fun doing it – Not every day can be a fun but when the bad days outweigh the good will be the day we burn the brand to the ground.

We give a fuck – Whether it’s our art or what we are talking about we are truly passionate about it.

Always Honest and Transparent – We don’t want to be bullshitted and we don’t want to bullshit you so we tell you the good and bad and show you how the sausage is made.

Think Sideways – Just because something is done a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the right way. Challenge concepts.

Low Fi ‘til We Die – We stay true to our small business roots and rough round the edges aesthetic.

Be Less of An Asshole – We are all learning and growing, the goal is to always be a little bit less of an asshole each day. Remember that when emailing us.

Inaction is the Enemy – We run head first into everything and apologise later

Support Independent – We believe in supporting independent companies and artists as they are the ones creating and innovating through their passion and drive.

And Always Remember; Not Everything Sucks.